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Nowhere Engine

Compare the engines
Commercial useNoYesYes
Combat system122
2D mapsNot full screenYesYes
NPC ShopsNoYesYes
Map editorLimitedLimitedYes
Object editorYesYesYes
Quest editorYesYesYes
Dialog editorLimitedLimitedYes
Multi playerNoNoYes (1)
In game emailNoNoYes
Player marketNoNoYes
Player auctionsNoNoYes
Game statsNoNoYes
Game faqNoNoYes
Fast loading mapsNoNoYes
Skin systemNoNoYes
True full window mapNoNoYes
Animated walksNoNoYes
Fast 2D mapNoNoYes
Smooth scroolingNoNoYes
On map NPCNoNoYes
Imaged buttonsNoNoYes
Sub window panels (prefs., journal, etc.)NoNoYes
On map life (butterfiles)NoNoYes
Sound systemNoNoYes
Support up to 10000 tilesNoNoYes
Animated battle effectsNoNoYes
Click to walkNoNoYes

1) Multiplayer features: players see each other on the map, can chat on the map and can battle together against monsters. The game offers also player markets, offline messaging (like in game emails) and more.

Additional optional packages:
Ajax Chat (30$): allow to have complete chat in some locations as well as a standalone chat window with support for bots.
Pets (40$): allows players to have pets helping during battles, train them and sell them.
Arena (40$): allows players to battle against each others (PvP).
Clans (40$): allows players to form clans and share stuffs.
Cliffs (20$): additional cliffs set.
Hills and rivers (10$): additional hills and rivers set.

Modules created by 3rd parties:
Dynamic avatar system 65$
Signature Banner 25$

About the engine

We started to work on Nowhere Else and Beyond on Jan. 2005, since then we continually improved the engine to provide the best MMORPG possible while just using the browser. As we believe we have something unique, and a bit magic, we decided also to allow others to create their own virtual world / RPG using our engine. To do so, a cleaner, much easier to work with code has been produced based on our game: miniNEAB. This allows even non programmers to start building their world, with a true MMORPG engine, with a good Javascript based 2D map. The only requirement is having a computer and downloads / installs a XAMPP installation.

Our game engine will be delivered full of all the needed things to let you start right away, like an installer, a simple database, arts, and even a simple map with a simple quest to let you understand how you should proceed. But we didn't stopped here. We give you full access to the source code of the engine itself, which will let more advanced game developers modify the game engine or add their own content.

In order to let you start without investing a lot of money, we decided to deliver three different packages. You may check the features on the table found on the left.

As we think it's always better to check before spending some money, even if it's only 50$, we suggest that you either play our game to have an idea of what a web MMORPG could look like, and/or try the demo of the game engine as you would have it running on your PC. To avoid problems, we have however disabled any save functionalities.

Try our demo !
(another gamer created with our engine) or
Download NEABExplorer for free (V. 1.3.1)!

Checks our project documention (without source code) or a screenshot of the code quality.

If you want to receive more information, please contact us at rpg@nodalideas.com.

NEABExplorer (1.3.1) release:
- Bug fix for the login.

miniNEAB (4.5) release:
- New map editor
- Smart draw within the map editor
- Context menu (can be configured)
- Click to walk
- Auto equip pick / axes
- Registration within the game
- Extend the number of tiles (up to 10000)
- New animated battles
- Embedded chat (if you have the chat module)
- New sound system

miniNEAB (4.0) release:
- Added new skin system
- Improved 2D map speed
- Improved 2D map speed
- Imaged buttons
- Sub windows for prefs, journal and others
- On map NPC dialogs
- Faster loading maps
- URL hiding for improved security
- On map life
- Player dialogs on map are drawn inside balloons
- Some animated avatars
- Improved default home page
- Improved all the optional modules to make the integration much easier

miniNEAB (3.0.1) release:
- Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.x
- Fixed bug in strategic combats

miniNEAB (3.0) release:
- Players can now see each others on the map.
- Chat on the map.
- Players can battle together against monsters.
- Improved Javascript engine (much faster and really full screen).

miniNEAB / microNEAB (2.5) and Explorer Engine (1.3) release:
- Chest bug fix.

miniNEAB (2.4) and Explorer Engine (1.2) release:
- Security fix ! Upgrade as soon as possible !

miniNEAB (2.3) and Explorer Engine (1.1) release:
- Fixed other combat bug (sorry).

miniNEAB Engine 2.2 release:
- Fixed combat bug.

miniNEAB Engine 2.1 release:
- Fixed a map editor bug.
- Fixed a location_manager bug.
- Fixed a dialog editor bug.
- Added a tailor location.
- Added a bank.
- Added a museum.

miniNEAB Engine 2.0 release:
- Improved file strucure.
- All features are now "modules" which are indipendent.
- Added init_world function.
- Added install.txt to help you start with.
- Improved cron job.
- Added a few items (to the admin to test).

NEABExplorer 1.0.1 release:
- Free NEAB explorer ready to pickup!
- Bug fixes due to the new directory organization.

miniNEAB Engine 1.11 release:
- Fixed a few bugs.
- Added some "invisible" objects.
- Prepared for the chat optional module.
- Code documentation improved.
- Delivered with project documentations.